Lip Locked


clock is late, not erased, can’t stop hopping

We can move the wall without our hands
mail her often, shopping shades, time’s not stopping
We can take the trouble from the land
fruit can’t soften, trapped in maze,I’m not coping
We can see the cosmos from the sand
failure says, let’s misbehave, get the ropes in
lower weight, trailing pays, hand made coffin
the song is lost before the band

All stand.

sowing sedatives into pain to soften
the woods a beam the stones’ a tile
the boffin and the rank and file
caught the cold and stayed a while
along the coast where lovers marked their hope in

A toast ! A toast !

first on the list, it’s myself I’m topping
gazing at paint for hours or staring straight in
zigzags then shaking then coughing
is this what the mush of guts is for?
just starting and then stopping?
can’t dance my throat to catch the boat
it’s already too late and it’s not waiting
we’re the fish that have been baited
can’t hear the hush of the shore
Not now. Not anymore.

Rush, rush

serenade, crofting paid, Lip Loch Ain
sailor says, laizze a faire, I’m still floating
We can’t take the trouble from the land
midnight raids, gauge the tear, the fruit is rotten
made grenades, fail the grades that we’ve been taught in

wailing waste, switch blades, lost besotted

as shrill as hell
it fills the wind
the edge
the blades, sing
I’m not coping
not now; not anymore

Jamie Livingstone

Artwork by Eilidh Livingstone

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